Hens and rooster

No farm without chicken, that's for sure.
Late spring 2016 I bought my first chickens and I was amazed. Amazed how fast they were learning, how intelligent and wonderful they were.
They were living like a chicken has to, free on the farm, walking around where ever they wanted to.
Just one call away from me and they came running to me, it was wonderful ... til that day, that not one came running.
Me and my sons, we were searching all over, but all we found were some feathers :(
We only found Gustav, my little rooster. He was sitting on the highest point in the barn, totally shocked, he was like paralyzed and I felt so sorry for him.
The fox took all others, my Brahma didn't had a chance, because of heavy weight and all the feathers at their feet, they couldn't run fast and not fligh high enough to find a safe place.
The next chickens came to my farm, Brahma again, 4 hens and a rooster.
But this time I had a place ready for them, they had to stay in and everything was fine ... til the next fox came.
Gustav made a hell of a noise, so I was alarmed and ran out. The fox looked into my eyes, before he ran away, without a chicken this time.
But I lost one, she died because of a heart attack :(

Gustav, the small rooster (on the very right), Mr. Mister, the big one and 3 hens