The horses

Now we had our farm and my horse had a huge meadow and barn, but, my horse was alone. A big big no-go!
A friend of mine had a horses, that needed company, and so she came with this wonderful stallion to my place.
She parked the trailer opened it and what happened next was just crazy.
It was love on first sight, even though I wasn't able to see him complete.
And I was completely lost, after he was out from the trailer. The most beautiful horse in the world stood in front of me.

In front Kentucky and the other one is my beloved Sugar, his name on the papers is Rekarnes Asori.

Kentucky left some months later, we both weren't made for each other, we never got the needed connection.
It took a while til Sugar was mine, but it was one of the most happiest days in my life.

More about all my horses you can read here: Curly Horses

We already had a dog, of course the most wonderful dog in the world, our Border Collie Charly.

Border Collie

One day we saw, that there were puppies to buy and we bought our little Jeannie.
Because of an accident, she got pregnant too ealy, she was just a year old and absolut unable to calm down.
Even with the puppies, she was more interested to herd Charly and never gave up.
I had to force her, to stay with the puppies and she really took all of my energy.
After the puppies were old enough to find a new home, we started another search, to find a new home for her as well.
And she got the best place at all, a shepherd took her and trained her, to do the job, she always wanted to do, herding sheep.
But one of her daughters stood with us.

dog family
On the very left Jeannie, and Lütten is standing in front of Charly.
Lütten is like her father, she loves to play with the ball and running around, and the very best, she is just as calm as he is.

Of course we have cats, just right now Lovely, our queen, a norwegian forest cat, 15 years old. And Ayla, one of her grandchilds, and Silver with her two kids Mr. Schleck and his sister Blanchette.


But a farm is not a farm without chicken!

Here in the new room, my son made for them, so they can stay warm in the wintertime. But they love to go out, even if there is snow. Only in the night time, they have to stay inside.