Luna`s Witchland

Young witches

Some answers on many questions
Again and again i'm asked, what a witch is doing.
This i wanna explain with a short sentence.
Witches celebrating rituals, again and again, all over the day

Just for young witches the following is very important, so that they can hold on it and don't make any mistakes on their way of being a witch.
In the beginning there is always the learning and it's very important, to know the witches way of writing. If not, everyone could read in your BOS and try everything, what you've written in there.
Only an example, what you could write (and how!):
Tudey ive made a rieduel, id wos veri dificold, couse i diddnt knoff, iff i was abl to reed hte text in grandmaas BOS. Firrsd i burnd a cannddl ant then i reed the rieduel from a sheat of papper. Bud somhow id havnd workt, couse the stuupitt bittch is stil togaether wit tis cuuute boy.

So therefor learn to write the witches way!!!
After that you have to rote learning the ritual texts, cause all, what's working since thousands of years ago will still work today. Don't doubt about the authenticity of all texts, written by true witches, and don't bother, that there were not only thousand of women burned but also a vaste number of books, writen by the less people who were able to write, and witches weren't NONE of them.
Now that you can control the witches way of writing and have learned all rituals, you can start the sorcery.
From now on you have to celebrate at least 3 rituals every day, if not, you will never be a real witch.
Cause a real witch celebrates everytime at every place, it doesn't matter, where she is.
Have you come to a substantial progress, something important will follow.
Search for like-minded people, cause you have to be at least four witches. As soon as you are alltogether, find a place, where you can celebrate a witch blessing totally undisturbed, cause only a blessed witch is a real witch.
And only a real witch can make the blessing, how you wanna do this, to give each other the blessing, even though not one of you is blessed, is your problem.
And don't bother that a witch blessing don't exist, witches have an initiation and the way is long and difficult.
As soon as you are blessed, get everything you need for a successful invocation.
And again you'll need a undisturbed place to call MANON. He will give you limitless might and nothing and no one can come into your way.
That's all and real harmless, you don't need to be afraid to end up in the psychiatry.
Real witches are calling MANON, only this explaines their endless richdom and that they can conjure everythign they wanna have and get away everything, what's disturbing them.
Now there are only some subsidiary trifles left, you really need to have. You shouldn't bother about, that you have to pay a lot of money for it.
You need:
A garment
An athame
A goblet
A crystal ball
Differnt tarots
Every oil you can buy in a witch shop (who know, if the ritual will work, if you don't have the right oil)
Candles in every color
An altar
A Book of shadows (take a look on grandmas attic, for sure there will lay one)

If i should have missed an important trifle, please mail me and i will put it on the list.

Now you know, what you have to think about and pay attention to, if you wanna be a real witch.
Oh well, before i forget about that, for sure you need an old way, you been gone since ever and you will go for ever.
Take a look around your city, sure you will find one there.
With this in mind
Be successful and blessed be