Luna`s Witchland

The witch school

A weed crept in, that can't be more worse.
You can find it on nearly every witch page, spreading out rapidly and it's not picky about, what kind of experience the builder of the page have.
This weed is called "witches school" and like to camouflages itself with the mantle of omniscience. Some lend oneself for free, others are only available for expensive prices.
The weed "witches school" mediates all searchers, it will make the learner to a witch/sorcerer.
Oh well, the internet makes a lot possible, even the education for a way of life.
Or is there really someone who believe, that you can learn to perform magic in this witches school? Who believe in that, can say Hello to Curry Zotter and go with him to school.
Who means, it's in need to pay a lot of money to learn meditations, can blame herself and deserve the punishment of a witches school. It behaves exactly the same with the cartomancy. Who don't find the access to the cards, who don't have the intuition will not get it in a witches school.
It's so very sad, that it's taken advantage with the lack of knowledge from many people.
One who will be a witch don't need a school, don't need a certificate or any other sheets of paper, one can hang at the wall.
To be a witch means to live a life with the nature, to treat every being respectfully, if it's a plant, an animal, a human being or even a stone. It don't mean, that one only need to wave with the magic wand to solve all problems.
And if someone need a little help on her way of being a witch, who have questions one don't find any answer for, will find for sure a forum on many witch pages, where she can ask. The help will be there, you only need to ask kindly.
If someone wanna learn about goddesses and gods can go to the library and lend some books, or, if there is enough money, buy some good books with informations. One can also use the internet (google will help a lot) and, i said it before, ask in a forum and get an answer there.
Who wanna know, what kind of holiday season witches have, how to build a protective circuit, how you can learn to work with the tarot, will find help on the same way. And that don't cost more then the telephone bill one have to pay, when one goes online.
And for all others, who don't wanna realize, that they only get robbed, when they subscribe themselfes in a witches school, i wish a fast awakening, before they have thrown all their money into the throat of those charlatans.