Luna`s Witchland


There are many pages in the internet about the witch-hunt many hundred years ago.
But what i'm missing is a text about the modern witch-hunt and that's why i'm writing it now.
Indeed i don't talk about churches and self-appointed witch-hunter, i don't care about them at all.
I wanna talk about the real witch-hunt and this only exist between the witches!
Who have ever been member in a witch forum and experienced this battue there, will know, what i'm talking about.

In a fairy tale it's always written: "I can smell human flesh." but this sentence is definitely wrong!
In reality it is: "I can smell witch flesh."

Your good sense of smell haven't deceived you. At once you've detected: "This is a witch, she could be better than i am." and you start at once to search for her weak point. Cause someone who maybe could be better than you, you have sweep out of your way.
If you don't find anything, it shouldn't be an impediment to try everything to disparage the supposed adversary.
The most easy way it is, to declare her as incompetently and make her unsure straight in the beginning. If this won't help, grab the next very beloved weapon and declare this woman to a black magician.
And because no one wanna be concerned with a black magician you can get very good results. Your opponent will be shunned and malicious insulted.
Even some will not shrink from character assassination, every method is welcome, to get the other witch out from the forum and away fromthe circle of one owns flock.

But there are more forms of the witch-hunt!
Calumniations are very popular and unfortunately daily routine.
There is no cooperation, only an "against one another" :(
I'm very disappointed, before now i thought, i found a family in all the witches who can understand me.
The exact opposite has come to hand. I took myself back, stay away from all those witch-forums and other witch meetings.
I avoid malicious talkings, all the more the miserable fights, i don't tout for a big entourage, i don't read the cards for anyone, nothing from all of that.
Give yourself the try and read the cards for someone and tell her, what really stand in the cards and don't say, what asker wanna hear.
Make no mistake about it, the slating will follow. They will call you amateurish and stupid, if not more worse.