Luna`s Witchland

White witches

The white witch
What is a white witch?
My definition:
She is a woman who left the shadows behind.
She have no more desire to try black magic or really have never worked with black magic.
But she knows about all gray shades one can find in the magic and knows that it's easy to past the border to the black side.

I don't wanna declare myself as a white witch, but i give a wide berth to the dark spheres.
Because of that no one need to come to me and ask for a spell to catch a man. I find it quite unacceptable, when a women tries to pinch anothers husband/boyfriend!
So before you're going to ask for a love spell, ask yourself how you would feel, if another woman would try to get your man.
Oh well, i can hear all objections:
But we are in love, he wanna get divorced, but somehow he can't make it (tcha, i wonder why??? it's so comfortable for him, his darling here, his wife there *grin*) His wife terrorizes us with phone calls, she extorts him with the kids and so on, and so on.
True love you can't force with a spell!!!!!
If he's not able to break up with his girlfriend, his betrothed, his wife without any magic, he will never be able.
And if a woman can make it to get a man with help of witch craft, although he is bound to another, her luck will be evanescent.

But what's with all the other women, left alone from their husbands/boyfriends and wanna have him back, under all circumstances, even with the help of magic?
I'm sorry for those women, but every human being, and men are human beings, don't forget about that, have the right on his own decision. If he's gone, for sure he have his reasons. And if this were the wrong reasons he will come back by himself.
So don't force him to come back with the help of magic, the last quarrel, that have to follow some day, will be more worse than every other before.

Use your brain before you go to a witch asking for a spell.
Cause the Goddess gave us mind to use it!