Luna`s Witchland


usual it stands for: "very important person".
Unfortunately there are many "witches" who think they are VIP, cause you only can visit their homepages if you pay with real cash.
And i's jaw-dropping when i see, that there are sure enough people, stupid enough to pay a monthly fee for getting the permission to read and write in a witch forum.
As a result of this VIP must stand for "value improving practices".
Cause those witches, who run such pages and forums, seem to need it immensely, to raise their worth with such shady practices. But infact it's more worse than it looks like.
Those commerce witches only found a way, to drag the money out of the pocket from naiv persons. They make money out of the credulity and stupidity others.

I really have nothing against, when a witch is asking for a little payment, as long as the price is fair (more about this next). What i really don't like are all this pages and forums you have to pay for, before you can read, cause even there you won't strictly secrets, even there they are writing with the keyboard, even there you'll find a lot of wannabe-witches, like in every other free forums too.
It's a pity that i'll never get an answer on my question:
How stupid have one to be, to pay for something, one can find in great numbers for free in the internet?

Let's now talk about the next VIP-witches. Even for them you have to take the second interpretation we have for VIP, cause they get rich on the (seemingly) misery of others.
They are offering rituals, love spells, separation spells, spells for everything and everyone and as the dot over an i money spells, so one become at least very rich.
For all this they wanna have an expensive payment. If you "only" have to pay about $400 you can call it "cheap", but most of the time the prices are sharply higher and in a four-digit range.
If seen many women, crying, cause their hope on Mr. Right didn't came true, despite the $1300 expensive love spell.
And much more i've seen, endlessly afraid, threatened by the witch, who should make a spell for them, with maledictions, if the woman denied to pay more, cause the spell didn't work.

Unfortunately those "witches" will find always new customer, but i hope, that i was able with my few words, to open they eyes for some people and that they think twice before they are going to employ such an expensive charlatan witch services