Luna`s Witchland


A very important issue in a witches life is the wardrobe. But in this case one don't talk about wardrobe, but garment (wardrobe or clothing sound so boring and ordinary, doesn't it).
As a matter of course it should be at least a blouse with a big pentacle, cause no one would realize, that this blouse isn't a blouse but rather a precious piece of your garment. If this blouse have wide flared sleeves it's even better, ignoramus gonna place you at least into the gothic scene, never mind that a witch have nothing to do with that. Not to be underestimated are the other benefits one will have because of the wardrobe.
First at all one's own kind will realize you at once and on the other hand you will become very versatile when it comes to different handlings.
Everyone who have tried to light a candle with this sleeves knows, what i'm talking about.
Also one will become very eloquent, always explaining to her fellow human beings, that she's not on the way to a carnival or other fancy-dress parties.
But the blouse alone don't make a witch, there are other wardrobes in need.
Very chic is a very short skirt with lace corners. In case of this the blouse should be indeed a belly top, so you're not only even a witch, but also ultramodern. An utterly must are fishnet stockings, with maybe some runs in it. And to get the final touch take this delightful shoes, that reminds one at combat boots.
Now are only some small accessories missing, i will tell you about.
Pentacles as ear rings should be quite natural, cause everyone who haven't recognised yet that you are a witch, will have grasped it with the view at your jewelry. A big pentacle hanging on a chain around your neck gonna make it nearly perfect. Only missing the appleseed chain, the amber chain, the bones chain and possibly the semiprecious stone and gemstone chain.
This way clad one can leave the house without any worries, if it's for shopping, working or the next job interview. Now there isn't anymore danger, not to be identified as a witch.