Luna`s Witchland


Witches are good, witches are nice, witches are considerate and feel sympathetic for everything.
Witches are helping, witches are healing, witches are soooooo tolerant!
Witches don't have all one's marbles!

Do you think the same way, do you line yourself into the gard of the light- and tenderly witches?
Do you believe, that you're really that kind?
Do you preach always for love and forgiveness?
Then stop reading here at once stay the way you are, til you strangle on your own lie.

It's enough to make my toes curl, again and again, when i read or hear how tolerant witches are.
According to this i can't be a witch, cause there are many things i don't tolerate!
I react very extremely on stupidity, stupid people are a horror for me. As soon as i get the scent of stupid people, i'm gone. In the past i've tried to talk to them, but i found out very fast, that it was a waste of effort.
In my opinion love- and tender sparkling witches are stupid people, cause the lie to themselves. Even if their stomache turn inside out inwardly, they pretend to have sympathy for all problems of their fellow human beings and trying with eagerness to solve other people problems.
Oh well, to solve other people problems distracts so wonderful from the own problems, so that Witch isn't forced to grapple with herself.
Those witches stuck on their own way, instead of listen to their own needs and evolve themself, they took of at the crossroad to the helper syndrome and stuck. Their own issues, wishes and longings were placed beside, cause it was solely important to help others.
Behind that there is a huge portion of craving for recognition, cause if witch don't have any self-confidence, she have to get it on another way.
Btw. it's conspicuous, that just the help offering witches are those, who are in a permanent battle with other witches, finally they have to watch up that no one else gonna solve the problems they are trying to solve.

No, i'm not tolerant, i have an anger inside myself that could destroy porcelain, when i meet such witches.
It makes me queasy, when total strang "witches" in a forum call me "sweety", i could scream, when i meet obedient "witches", let everyone knock her down a peg and tell her what to do and what not. It makes me sick, to get blessed all the time, cause i don't wanna get blessed! Unfortunately it seems to be common courtesy to say "blessed be" everytime someone say good bye.
I only hope, that all those "witches" will disapear from the witch scene one day. Cause women (for sure men too, but you won't find much of them by my discription), who don't have self-confidence, no self-esteem and no self-respect are no witches! They are poor women with a very long way to go. My wish for all these women is, that they bethink of themself and become, what's indispensable for a witch. Strong, self-confident and honest against them self.