Luna`s Witchland


And again i have to disappoint you, cause you won't find any rituals here.
Whatever for, there are a vast number of books and much more sites you can find in the internet, with many descriptions about what kind of rituals there are and how to perform them.
They are good as suggestions in the beginning, but one who will only act stubborn after a recipe have already lost.
But over time every witch should have created her own rituals, cause only those will be alive, contains endless energy and can cause something.
Once you are involved with your heart and soul and not only utter an incantation that you've commit by memory, you will feel the energies, that pan out. And believe me, it's absolute terrific and befuddling, a feeling, that no one can describe with words.
All rigth then, pack away all books, sit down and relax and think about, how you would like to celebrate a ritual. And then try it, get in touch with your ritual and only then, when it chants (and it will, believe me) it's your ritual.
Don't forget your humor, laugh about yourself and let the child inside yourself be part of the ritual. You will be amazed how wonderful you will feel about yourself after that.
And now, have a lot of fun, just get started.