Luna`s Witchland


For many rituals it is necessary to make an invocation. If you're calling the guardians of the watchtowers, elemental sprites, dragons or ancestors isn't important for me.
For me it's only important, that one should know, whom or what one is calling. Not every entity like to be commanded, some want to be asked, some you should wake up very carefully and again others you really can command to come.
Further one really should know, whom one is calling and for what this entity is responsible and whom one shouldn't wake up.
And because i'm a very lazy witch (even though what's about writing) you won't find a detailed list, cause there is more than enough literature to find about.
But i will tell you what i'm doing.
I don't make any circle quarter callings or any other invocations *grin* I don't make any protective circuit and i don't invoke any entity. Nothing at all, cause i'm just tremendous lazy.
I'm just talking with the goddess who's responsible for my wish. Therefor i pay attention, that i talk with a goddess from the area i'm staying. In my case it's Freya, cause she is home in Scandinavia.
I tell her, what i would like to get and give it into her hands. Then i let lose my wish and only need to wait, that my wish comes true. Most times the fulfillment don't take too much time.
As a sample, that also proves the sentence: "Take care what you're asking for, it could come true!"
We were out for fishing and all i got were starfishes. I always set them carefully back into the water. Don't know, why i got the idea to ask Ran for a fish, but i asked her to give me a fish. Any kind of fish, if it's a gurnard, a trout, a cod or what ever. The answer came immediately! Whe i got the boulter in, a fish was at the hook (together with a starfish).
Oh my goddess and what a fish *sigh* This animal was smaller than my little finger, only half way thin and nearly glassily transparent. Of course i freed him and the starfish and put them back into the water.
And exactly this is magic, the trust in the divinity and myself and the knowledge, that my wishes come true, without any mumbo-jumbo. I don't need any rituals, cause magic is always and any time.