Luna`s Witchland

Reading the cards

Before you start reading this page, ask your witch if you really should read this or better leave this page!

About risks and side effects ask your psychiatrist or the witch of your choice.

Does it sound sarcastic?
Wonderful, cause it have to!

With an increasing frequency i realize, that many women don't take any decision without asking the tarot first.
And for sure everything started harmless.
The witch of your choice was reading the cards for you and *wow* in 90% it was true!
And after some months you thought: "Oh well, i could ask for a cartomancy again"
So you did and went to the worlds best fortune teller (cause who don't have ones favorits under all fortune tellers).
And again she was able to tell you very unerring, what's it about.
No wonder!!!! I wanna see that witch who don't have any psychological skills.
And with every cartomancy the spiral got smaller and then you hit the point:
"I have to go to the fortune teller first, before i take a decision!"
Does it sound familiar to you?
Do you feel the same?
You can admit it, no one can see or hear you.

How was your life before the cartomancy?
Have you asked a lot of people, if you should better be together with boy A or boy B?
Have you asekd a lot of people, if it's better to keep the job or look for another?
Have you been asking for an answer, into what city, street, apartment you should move?
WOW! How have you been able not to do so?
What? You were listening to your gut instincts?
And this feeling was nine times out of ten right?
Yeah marvelous!!!!!
Then start searching for your gut instincts, instead of calling the cartomancy hotline everytime and paying a lot of money for something, you are able to decide alone.
You can't lose, but win a lot:
Self-assurance, sense of self-worth and strength!

And if you need a little nudge to find the right direction, if you wanna see the tendency for the future, you still can call or go to the fortune teller.
For sure she will read the cards for you and don't groan inwardly:
"Oh no, not SHE again! Can't she manage anything alone?"