Luna`s Witchland


Surely you've read different books and was searching through the internet, to find out what you need be a real witch.
The next step was to buy extensive, started with a candle assortment, which would let every merchant grow pale because of enviousness. Followed at once by all Anna-Riva-oils you was able to order, and for sure you were flat broke after that.
Finally came into a little money, a goblet, a crystal ball, an athame and heaven knows what else more, was bought.
What's that in aid of?
It's NOTHING, really nothing magical with all this stuff you've bought for very expensive money!
All things are nothing more than embellishment, nice to see, but finally superfluously. Well, some of these things might help you to focalize, but this prop you shouldn't need after a while anymore. Apart from this you can use a kitchen knife to cast a magic circle, the magic wand should be cut from a tree (for what is all this dazzling fuss in need?), the goblet can be a neat wine glass und the crystal ball is the most expensive dust catcher you've ever bought. Or do you really think, a spell will only work, when you're doing it with exactly those things you've found written down in a book?
Then please forget all about witch craft, cause it will not work for you!
Every spell works just because of your power of your thoughts, through your strong will, when you're doing it with your heart and your soul.
You don't need more, and this you can't buy.