Luna`s Witchland

A little bit about me

Usual i don't write anything about myself, cause it's not in need that everyone who visit my page for the very first time have to know everything about me.
But now i'm making an exception.
I've past the 40th and felling very well.
My interest for the witches didn't start when i was a baby and even though not, when i was a teen, no, my interest had been roused drastically when i was 19. Since that time i'd read a lot of books about witches, magic, rituals and positive thoughts.
Many of them wasn't worth the money i spent for, but they helped me to separate the wheat from the chaff.
On another "piece of paper" i will tell about my favorite books.
Indeed i already had a very good connection to the nature and all their creatures when i was a child.
Especially the birds found their way to me. I don't know, how many wounded jackdaws, ravens and owls i brought to the vet so he could help them.
But even though snakes and mice i was taking care about, i didn't care, what kind of animal came to me, i helped them all.
One of my favorite pastime was to walk with my dog through the forest and watch roe, foxes, pheasants and other animals.
In my adolescence the déjà vu started, something that made me insecure many times. Many years later i was able to "see" what will happen and i didn't liked it at all.
I'm pretty sure, many of my visitors already asking themself: And what's about the old way? The way all witches have been gone and will go.
By now, i know a lot of old ways, some are straight behind my house. And there are still many old ways, that not have been straightened and asphalted by the humans.
But serious now. The old way, i beg you please, what shall it be?
A way, all witches have been gone and will ever go?
Such a way don't exists!
I'm not descended from an old witchkind and there have never been any gypsies in my family (as far as i was able to find out)
Even though i haven't found the book of shadows on the attic of my grandma and for sure none on the attic of my mother, she simply didn't had any attic *grin*
Over time i became a witch, less because of magic, but because of my faith.
Maybe i will write something about my faith to another time.