Since many years i'm calling myself Luna.
Even in real life many are calling me Luna, this name has become a part of myself, just like my birth name.
But why Luna?
Already as a child i liked the moon very much and when it comes to the name, i like the french form best, more then all other in the world, cause the french form is female.
Luna, this name sounds soft in my ears, Luna is round and the same way is the name for me, without any corner or boarder.
Luna is the roman goddess of the ancient Rome.
Luna stands for Light and Night (but you can't see it this way with the english letters, it ony works the german way of writing = Light>>Licht und Night>>Nacht)

Luna is represented in the art:
* Frau Luna, operetta of the german componist Paul Lincke (1899)
* La Luna, italian movie of Bernardo Bertolucci (1979)

Some cities are called Luna:
* Luna (Apayao), urban community in the province Apayao, Philippines
* Luna (La Union), urban community in the province La Union, Philippines
* Luna (Isabela), urban community in the province Isabela, Philippines
* Luna (Spain), municipal in the province Saragossa, Spain
* Luna (Arkansas), location in the USA
* Luna (Louisiana), location in the USA

Luna is also a family name:
* Álvaro de Luna (1388 - 1453), spanish patrician
* Antonio Luna (1866 - 1899), philippine general
* Bigas Luna (* 1946), spanish stage director and screenwriter
* Diego Luna (* 1979), mexikane actor
* Pedro de Luna (1327 bis 1423), spanish antipope
* Santiago Luna (* 1962), spanish golfer

Luna was also a famous orca:
* Luna (* 19. September 1999 died the 10. March 2006 near Gold River in Vancouver) was venerated by the Mowachaht-Muchalaht-Native Americans, cause for them Luna was the reincarnation of their deceased chief.